Saturday, January 05, 2013

Breakfast On Broadway Cafe

Found this place through a Yelp link when I was checking out the reviews of the Copper Pot, which was on Denver Daily Deals special (I bought one, we'll be trying it out sometime before it expires). I looked at the menu, thought "that's right up our alley", so we went this morning.

It has parking - a small private lot, and a larger public lot across the alley behind the building.

I had the Butternut Squash pancakes - creamy like pumpkin pancakes, but not as highly spiced. They came with maple butter. There were only two in the order, but they were large, and they were richer than I first thought - along with a side of two scrambled eggs, they were a fine and filling breakfast.

Jim had the hash, which was fantastic. I'm not a hash fan and I would have happily eaten it for breakfast. He upgraded his side to the Cinnamon Roll French Toast, which was also delicious. He also got his eggs scrambled.

A note on the eggs: they were scrambled well. I happen to like them that way. If you don't, order them scrambled soft or something.

Coffee is strong. The kind that puts hair on your chest and your back.

Crowd was half young hipster, half older folks. The younger contingent were more intent on taking advantage of the bottomless mimosas available on the weekends.

Service was a little sluggish - had to ask for coffee warm ups - and prices were a little on the high side, but not out of line with what other decent, semi-creative breakfast places are charging.

Next time I want to try the s'mores pancakes. Or the Strawberry Romanoff pancakes. Or the plain old French toast which looked lovely as it went by.

Yeah, we'll be back.


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