Wednesday, March 06, 2013


Got reservations for Linger for restaurant week (which is really two weeks, but who's counting?)

Started off with the Roasted Beet Bhel Puri, roasted beet salad with yogurt and crunchies. I was going to get the roasted chicken bun (a special to the restaurant week menu), but the server's description of the salad made it sound so good that I changed my mind. I'm glad I did. It was.

Others ordered the roasted chicken bun, which was delightful, with a nice bit of kim chee for a little spice, and the lentil dahl soup, classically Indian spiced.

Main was salmon tagine, another special to the restaurant week menu. Very good, classic Moroccan spices, they actually bothered to cook the salmon all the way through. I'm so tired of restaurants serving salmon half cooked or "rare" because their chefs are so afraid of overcooking the fish that they don't bother to cook it all the way at all.

We were with another couple who Don't. Eat. Fish. She asked for another taste of my fish because her first response was "THAT'S salmon?!?!". Apparently her mother in law overcooked poor quality salmon and the house reeked of it for days. Hey, I don't like overcooked poor quality salmon either.

Others had the Never Ever Beef Tender, which came with mashed plantains, and the pork ramen noodles, heady with Chinese Five Spice and rich with egg yolk.

Dessert? Churros and hot chocolate. I can't resist the combination. Others had the sea salt caramel sundae and the butterscotch pudding with the lemongrass cotton candy.

Prices on the regular menu were very reasonable - dishes are meant to be shared. I am so over the lots of small dishes trend, but the food was good, and I make exceptions when they do it right, not just to be trendy.

The space is urban and loud. The one glitch in the evening was the young beggar who was being a pest to those waiting for valet parking.


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