Saturday, February 02, 2013

The Copper Pot On Broadway

Finally went to use my Denver Daily Deals $15 for $30 worth of dinner at The Copper Pot on Broadway. There's a similar Yelp Deal when you check them out on the Yelp site.

For dinner: I had the Blue Burger: blue cheese crumbles, crisp bacon, grilled onions, and steak sauce. First, it had just about the right amount of blue cheese, and it had been allowed to melt so it wasn't falling off all over. The bacon wasn't crisp, which is fine by me, since I like my bacon to taste like meat. The onions also weren't exactly grilled - they were *caramelized*. Seriously. Not only the color, but texture and flavor. I could have eaten a plateful of them. And not too much steak sauce.

The bun had been grilled and probably buttered. Not an afterthought.

I skipped the fries and had a side salad - which had real greens and a blue cheese dressing that I forgot to ask if it was house made or not. I also got a side of the mac and cheese because although I usually don't eat such things, I kind of needed it. The elbow macaroni was NOT overcooked, and had not only a cheesy sauce, but real cheese on top. Nom. The side is huge (there's also a dinner sized portion available) - we both ate a bunch and took some home.

The spousal unit ordered the chicken fried steak. Not too much breading, real steak underneath, gravy could have used a little salt, but definitely flavorful. It came with green beans cooked with bacon, Southern style. Not for those who like their green beans crisp. It also came with mashed potatoes that were real red potatoes - skins, chunks, and all.

Desserts are reasonable. I had the chocolate buttermilk cake - very dense, thin layer of frosting and a garnish of chocolate sauce on top. This is for those who are looking for CAKE, not something to hold their frosting up. Spousal Unit had the rum cake that came warm, moist with rum, and nuts on top.

Service was fine, friendly, and didn't bat an eyelash at the Denver Daily Deals certificate. I HATE places that get their panties in a twist when customers have the audacity to actually USE a coupon the restaurant themselves has offered.

Yup, we'll be back on our own dime. There is a limited full bar (they serve hard liquor but from what I could see the stock is limited) and TVs in the bar and dining room. It's another place to catch a burger, beer, and ballgame.